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“I am delighted to provide a reference for Trustmoore. Our collaborative work has been incredibly productive, and I am impressed by their consistent work ethic and client teamwork. Their attention to detail and boutique approach set them apart in delivering exceptional quality and tailored solutions.”

Tim Roniger, Senior Partner and CFO of Vedra Partners

“Quadrum focuses on assisting mid market companies in various industries (IT, Tech, Healthcare, Packaging and Human Capital) to achieve their growth ambitions. Trustmoore offers Transfer Agent Services.”

Tinka Stertefeld

“Marktlink focuses on investing in entrepreneurs through the strongest private equity and venture capital funds in Europe and North America. Trustmoore offers financial and fund accounting services (including annual account preparation), transfer agent services, and tax and regulatory compliance (including FATCA/CRS).
Trustmoore has assisted us in setting up Platform 11, a software solution providing a digital investor KYC and onboarding process, an investor portal, a document storage area, and a secure communication hub.”

Michiel Povel

We view the team at Trustmoore as a partner in our success. They understand our business and assist us in overcoming challenges. We have just finalized the successful transfer of all our current structures to Trustmoore and the team has provided us with a very hands-on and personal service. We are very satisfied with the high standard of service and the personal attention our organization receives from Trustmoore.”

Jan Pensaert, CEO of Valiance

"We are pleased to have Trustmoore as our partner. Their boutique and customer centric approach truly distinguish them in a market often dominated by large, uniform fund administrators. The team's unwavering support has been invaluable to our organization, and we commend their commitment to collaboration. Trustmoore's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and willingness to tailor solutions when required exemplify their dedication to meeting our unique needs."

Jeroen Kelder, Partner at Infinity Recycling

“Prow Capital B.V. / Green Shipping Fund provides asset backed finance solutions to innovative sustainability; specifically, their Green Shipping Fund provides debt finance for the next generation of ships for the blue economy.
Trustmoore offers financial and fund accounting services (including annual account preparation), corporate services, and other services (KYC/AML support).”

“We outsourced our fund administration to Trustmoore Group. After a long selection process, we selected Trustmoore Group as the best fit for our venture capital fund. So far, we have seen that they act quickly with a can do mentality. Internally, we have summarized Trustmoore as informal and professional combined with an outstanding price/quality ratio.”

Alain le Loux, General Partner of Cottonwood

Egeria is an investment management firm with origins in private equity. Egeria was founded in 1997 by the Brenninkmeijer family. For some of our funds, Trustmoore has been appointed as fund administrator. UBS acts as a depository, and LIS as a 3rd-party AIFM.

Eric Samuels Brusse, CLO

“Scotch Whisky International is dedicated solely to addressing the growing rarity of premium single malt whiskies. Scotch Whisky focuses on the development of whisky as an investment product. Trustmoore offers financial and fund accounting services, transfer agent services, and tax and regulatory compliance services (including FATCA/CRS).

Dolf van Dijk

Pythagoras Music Fund is the first and only Dutch based investment fund acquiring music rights worldwide focusing on continental Europe.

Michiel Boere, CFO

Trustmoore has been a valuable business partner for our real estate fund operations for many years. With professionalism and dedication, the Trustmoore team continuously enables us to focus on our core business. With their knowledge and expertise, they prepare our monthly investor reporting, fund administration and financial statements with great care.”

Victor van Bommel, CEO and Founder of Orange Capital Partners

“Viventium focuses on investments in the Netherlands in residential, commercial, and mixed use real estate. Trustmoore offers financial and fund accounting services (including annual account preparation), transfer agent services, and tax and regulatory compliance services (including FATCA/CRS).“

Paul Gerrit

Deka Immobilien, a division within the Deka Group, specializes in real estate investments and stands as one of Europe's leading globally operating real estate investment firms. With a wealth of experience as a real estate investor and asset manager, they bring proven expertise and extensive management capabilities to navigate various market and investment cycles. They have consistently delivered lasting value to our fund investors, tenants, and business partners for over five decades.