“Trustmoore feels like family and provides a great work environment.”

At Trustmoore, fun is in our DNA. When we founded our company, we vowed to laugh aloud at least once per day, and we pride ourselves on our fun factor.

That’s why:

  • Each of our offices has a barbecue area
  • Our Amsterdam office has a bar on the top floor
  • We frequently participate in sports events together
  • We take an annual ski vacation together
  • Our Curaçao office hosts the island’s most-popular Pagara year-end party

We encourage our team to be fit and active. Therefore, Trustmoore’s Curaçao office has its own soccer pitch, our Amsterdam colleagues participate in an annual race to raise funds for Memory Box Foundation and our Luxembourg office organizes a yearly uphill cycling challenge.

Our commitment to you

When you join Trustmoore, we promise you will join a vibrant, dynamic company with great colleagues in an international environment that embraces individuality and celebrates diversity. You will get the opportunity to work with some of the best-known alternative investment managers, private equity, and fund administration firms in the market. Whatever your motivations, we can promise you a warm, informal culture and an environment that champions continuous learning and career progression.

At Trustmoore, delivering value through long-term relationships is the foundation of our success and this is just as critical for our internal teams as it is for our clients. The fact that many of our senior staff are home-grown is a testament to that. From your very first day with us, you will be provided with the resources and support you need to achieve your full potential. Our in-house TM Academies ensure we will train you to make your success possible, and you are continually building the technical and business knowledge necessary for a successful and fulfilling career, as well as the soft and leadership skills to support it.

Our people and our distinct culture are what make Trustmoore a great place to work. Despite growing to more than 200 colleagues worldwide, we are still privately owned by our founders and management, and we retain the boutique-style, entrepreneurial spirit that we have had from day one. This also means our board members and management teams are still easily available for day-to-day business or other ideas and initiatives. We are a serious organization - and we get serious results - but we achieve that by working in a non-corporate way. We foster a personal and informal company culture where colleagues actively enjoy their work and understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Within our organization, you can be bold and honest because that is what we are as well. We tell it like it is - no formalities or jargon – which makes it easier to learn and grow together.

Our colleagues are given the freedom and autonomy to make it happen - to freely contribute ideas and take ownership while also working towards a common goal.  At Trustmoore, we score as a team and our colleagues are on top of their game. Come and join the best team in the business!


When we apply our values internally, they form our 6-pack that guides us.

  1. Always put your clients first
  2. Feel free to make it happen
  3. Dare to be you
  4. Be on top of your game
  5. Act soundly
  6. Score as a team


Many companies claim that their teams are great, but ours is truly magnificent. We want to keep it that way by investing in fun, commitment and crossborder teamwork.


Trustmoore has a strong track record in recruiting, developing and retaining talent. We are proud of our team philosophy and stimulate each other to share ideas and best practices. As a young and vibrant company, we aim to provide our team with numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.

Since our founding in 2005, we have grown into an organization of more than 200 colleagues around the world.

Our TM Academy program offers staff continuous-development opportunities focused on both technical and soft skills. We are also proud of our informal culture, which encourages a healthy balance between hard work and good fun.

We promote active cooperation between the various jurisdictions in which we operate and stimulate the rotation of staff between our offices, so everyone has the opportunity to experience an interesting and challenging international career.

Let our young professionals tell you what they think of our company culture and our 6 pack (our values).



In order to make a difference in our market, Trustmoore needs to be the best team in the business. We are therefore committed to ongoing learning and training. We offer employees growth opportunities in the form of on-the-job development, online training, peer groups and coaching. It is also important to learn from one another, and to understand other jurisdictions, so an important part of our training is conducted in-house; the TM Academy.

The goal of TM Academy is to provide continuous education for everyone through our internal Continuing Professional Development Program. We are teachers as well as students, helping one another by sharing knowledge, expertise and experience.

We mutually learn about our services and client approach, enhance our knowledge and skills, strengthen the TM culture and values, and improve global team spirit to accelerate out Trustmoore strategy. We not only focus on intellectual learning but also on team building, respect and fun. We always include physical activities in our programs for a more-holistic approach.

Trustmoore organizes various ongoing academies (online and face-to-face events) aimed at four specific target groups:

  1. Welcome Academy: for all new joiners globally
  2. Soft-Skill Academy: for everyone, because we are always developing ourselves
  3. Leadership Academy: for everyone who is responsible internally for others
  4. Knowledge Academy: for everyone, depending on his/her role

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