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The asset-backed securitisation (ABS) market is continually evolving. As a key component of the structured finance and capital markets sector, securitisation has experienced significant growth and diversification. New entrants, innovative structures, and emerging challenges are reshaping the landscape. Trustmoore's expertise and tailored services in securitisation ensure that you can navigate these changes effectively, benefiting from our customized solutions.

What You Need To Know About Trustmoore Securitisation Services

1. Expertise Across Sectors:

Trustmoore's extensive experience spans various securitisation sectors. We collaborate with top-tier financial institutions, asset managers, legal firms, tax advisors, and originators.

2. Tailored Services:

Whether for private, warehouse, or public securitisations, and uni-tranche or multi-tranched facilities, we offer a range of bespoke securitisation service solutions.

3. Growing Demand:

We see increasing demand for securitisation services, especially in private credit and specialist lending, driven by the growth of asset-backed financing.

4. Innovative Structures:

While traditional assets employ established securitisation techniques, newer asset classes like fintech and sustainability-focused financing are enhancing innovative, bespoke structures.

Trustmoore’s Securitisation Services

Our structured finance & capital markets team offers a range of securitisation services designed to meet your specific needs. The services we provide include:

  • Governance: Services ranging from Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporation to local tax registration and directorships
  • Transaction management, coordination and support: We offer a seamless execution of securitisation transactions by meticulously coordinating all aspects and providing robust support, from inception to completion, to optimize outcomes and mitigate risks.
  • Trustee and Agency Services: Our services include acting as a trustee or agent for securitisation transactions, ensuring compliance and managing administrative tasks.
  • SPV Management: We provide comprehensive management services for SPVs, including accounting, reporting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Investor Reporting: Our team delivers accurate and timely reporting to investors, ensuring transparency and trust.
  • Cash Management: Our cash management services ensure efficient handling of cash flows within the securitisation structure.

A Dynamic Securitisation Market Asks For A Forward Looking Perspective

We see the current dynamism within the securitisation market. Traditional assets continue to employ well-tested securitisation techniques, offering stability and predictability. However, the market's future lies in innovative structures tailored for emerging asset classes. Fintech and sustainability-focused financing are two areas where we see significant potential. Our approach combines traditional expertise with a forward-looking perspective, allowing us to offer solutions that are both reliable and innovative.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Securitisation Services

Our commitment to innovation and long-term client relationships ensures that our securitisation services provide significant benefits:

  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each client has unique needs. Our bespoke solutions ensure that your specific requirements are met.
  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the securitisation market, we bring deep expertise and knowledge, helping you navigate complex transactions.
  • Transparency and Trust: Our robust reporting and compliance services build trust with your investors and stakeholders.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing your securitisation administration to Trustmoore allows you to focus on your core business, reducing operational burdens and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Asset-Backed Securitisation (ABS)

Asset-backed securitisation (ABS) is a financial process whereby illiquid financial assets are pooled together and converted into liquid securities offered to investors. Payments under the securities are solely ensured through the cash-flow generated by the underlying financial assets. These assets can include loans, leases, credit card debt, royalties, or receivables.

Securitisation provides funding and liquidity to the originators of the assets, diversifies risk, and offers investors attractive returns. It also helps in managing balance sheets and freeing up capital for further lending or investment.

Trustmoore offers a comprehensive range of securitisation services including, SPV incorporation, administration and management, trustee and agency services, investor reporting, cash management and loan administration.

Outsourcing securitisation administration services to Trustmoore ensures compliance, accuracy, and efficiency. It allows you to focus on core business activities while benefiting from our expertise and experience in managing securitisation transactions.

Almost any type of financial asset can be securitised, including but not limited to mortgages, auto loans, credit card receivables, student loans, and commercial receivables.

A Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity created to isolate financial risk. In a typical securitisation, the SPV purchases the assets from the originator and issues securities backed by these assets to investors.

Securitisation transforms illiquid assets into liquid securities, providing the originators with immediate capital that can be used for other financial activities or investments.

The main risks include credit risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk. Proper structuring and management can mitigate these risks, making securitisation a viable investment option.

We provide detailed cental bank and investor reporting and maintain rigorous compliance standards, ensuring transparency and building trust with investors.

Yes, while traditional assets are commonly securitised, innovative asset classes such as fintech receivables and sustainability-focused financing are increasingly being securitized, offering new opportunities for investors.

By choosing Trustmoore for your securitisation needs, you leverage our expertise, innovative approach, and commitment to your success. Whether you are a financial institution, asset manager, legal firm, or originator, we provide the tailored solutions you need to thrive in the dynamic securitisation market.

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