Alexandra Fantuz

Alexandra Fantuz

Managing Director & Director of Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services


Alexandra Fantuz joined Trustmoore Luxembourg in November 2019 as Director of Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services.

Alexandra focuses on onboarding, corporate governance and daily management of structured finance and securitization vehicles as well as compliance and business compliance-related matters for the Luxembourg office.

Alexandra holds a corporate law degree from the Luxembourg Ministry of Education.

Alexandra has more than 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry in Luxembourg, and significant expertise in multiple asset classes, specializing in securitization and structured finance transactions.

In her early career, she spent five years as a legal account manager at professional services firm TMF Group. She subsequently worked at Sanne Group for more than eight years, where she was a Director and board member, overseeing the private debt and capital markets and onboarding departments of the financial services company in Luxembourg.

Alexandra looks forward to hearing from you.