Moc-Yung Le-Tu

Legal Account Manager


Moc-Yung Le-Tu joined Trustmoore in Luxembourg in January 2021 as Legal Account Manager in the Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services team.

In her role, she is responsible for all legal and corporate activities for both the regulated and unregulated vehicles managed by the team.

She focuses on client relationship management and securitization vehicles.

Moc-Yung obtained her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Duy Tan University in Vietnam and her master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from the University of Luxembourg. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Japanese language.

Moc-Yung started her corporate career in Luxembourg in 2015 in the Private Debt and Capital Markets team of Sanne Group. She also worked as a corporate administrator at several investment firms in Luxembourg where she gained experience and knowledge in a wide range of real estate and private equity transactions.

Her last role before joining Trustmoore was at Triton Partners, where she spent two and a half years.

Moc-Yung looks forward to hearing from you.