Peter Slieker joined our team in October 2023 as the Commercial Director for our different business lines. He is responsible for business development, focusing on Private Wealth Solutions and Fund Services.

Peter dedicates his efforts to cultivating meaningful connections with asset managers, investment funds, entrepreneurs, and HNWIs. He aims to identify the precise areas where we can offer unparalleled services.
We firmly believe that a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances, business endeavors, and goals is essential for us to deliver personalized and invaluable corporate services that precisely meet your needs.

Peter studied business economics at the HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Peter has almost 30 years of investment banking experience spanning all aspects of investing. He has an excellent knowledge of all financial issues and specializes in fixed income.
He started working at Suez Netherlands Securities, and through acquisitions, his last employment was at NIBC. Recently, his focus has increasingly been on investor relations and business development.