Tiffany Franken

Financial Account Manager


Tiffany Franken joined Trustmoore’s Amsterdam office in January 2019 as Junior Financial Account Manager and was promoted to Financial Account Manager in August 2022.
She is responsible for providing daily administrative and financial support to her clients.

Tiffany focuses on clients that are active in the fund industry.

Tiffany obtained her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in financial management at the University of Curaçao.

Tiffany speaks four languages: English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Tiffany was eager to pursue her professional career abroad and moved to Amsterdam in 2016. She worked on short term projects at several companies as a financial assistant. Her tasks ranged from administration control and analysis to preparing financial statements and other reports.

Tiffany looks forward to hearing from you.