Organic business growth

Proud of our organic business growth and management-owned independence.

Organic business growth (or internal growth) is a strategy that focuses on using internal resources to increase revenues and output. Long-term organic growth requires good management, effective planning, and a deep understanding of the customers and industry being served.

The dependency on internal resources can be viewed as either a benefit or a drawback for companies seeking organic growth. On the one hand, using only internal resources means a company is growing at a very controlled pace and can quickly navigate through different market cycles and turns. On the other, where growth is contingent on available internal resources it is likely to be slower and more incremental.
Organic business growth is usually the preferred strategy of businesses that are comfortable with a more controlled progression and still have a defined market share to win.

Organic business growth is ultimately more difficult to achieve - as well as taking longer,  it usually requires a shift in how the company operates. Still, organic growth is arguably better in the long term because it can ensure that the company remains an independent entity (versus a merger or acquisition) and it also prevents a company from taking on substantial debt (through loans or borrowed resources).

Our organic growth

Trustmoore was founded in January 2005 in Curaçao, and we are proud that our three founders are still fully engaged within our organization. From the outset, we have enjoyed significant independent growth while remaining wholly owned by our founders and management.

In 2009, we opened our Amsterdam office, followed by an office in Luxembourg in 2012. To increase our global reach, we subsequently opened various offices in Asia and Europe.

Organic growth involves expansion from within a business, for example by expanding the product range, or the number of business units and location. Our organic growth has seen us build our current presence in most of the financial centers around the world and establish our four lines of business:

  1. Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services
  2. Fund Services
  3. Multi-Family Office Services
  4. Corporate Expansion Services

We believe in a flat and lean organization in which management remains actively involved in servicing you in the best possible manner. The exclusive size and interiors of our offices reflect our commitment to remaining a boutique firm, with a strong focus on personal attention and quality services delivered by a small and stable team.

We aim to create a pleasant environment for our employees and our clients, selecting distinctive offices with beautiful surroundings in the locations in which we operate. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our offices so that you can experience our unique culture firsthand.

Why Trustmoore?

  • Our founders’ vision and philosophy are strongly embedded in our client service.
  • Global presence
  • Completely independent, unbiased and unaffiliated to any product or firm.
  • Tailored services and solutions
  • Think and act from a “client first” perspective
  • Invest in long-term relationships

Advantages of our organic growth

We can maintain our own management style, company culture and values.
We expand in our areas of expertise and finance our expansions using profits so there is less risk.
It makes it easier to manage our internal growth and determine how much the business will grow.
Our organic growth allows us to own our company culture  and ultimately our destiny. It means we are in complete control of our business and we can get to know all of our clients personally; handshake by handshake.


You want to forget about your administrative and regulatory burdens and focus on reaching your corporate goals. We can help!

We provide a wide range of corporate services, from structuring your investment fund or managing your capital markets transaction to setting up your family office or supporting your international corporate expansion.

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