Tailored fund administration to suit your global ambitions.

In a largely standardized industry, you can benefit from our personal, boutique approach. Whether you are a small or large investment fund that wishes to outsource administration, compliance/regulatory reporting, set up a back office for your fund in various jurisdictions or establish a special-purpose vehicle (SPV), talk to us.

Our premium services are specialized for clients active in the field of alternative investments. This includes private equity, venture capital, real estate, long/short equity and debt strategies across a wide range of alternative-asset classes.


Let us ease your administrative burden so you can focus on managing your fund. As a trusted partner with the right technology, our goal is to enable your success.

Active in the world’s major financial hubs, our truly global Fund Administration team is experienced, committed and highly qualified. All of our professionals have financial and/or legal experience in (fund) accounting, audits, M&A, (fund) structuring and taxation. We work in dedicated teams that can offer you convenience and business continuity.

Fully independent from any bank, audit or law firm, we are committed to offering you high-quality services with your interests at heart. Let us ease your administrative burden so you can focus on managing your fund. As a trusted partner with the right technology, our goal is to enable your success. Your unique needs inspire our tailored services and enable us to offer solutions based on your specific structure and requirements through a personal, boutique approach that is Trustmoore’s trademark.


Investment, asset managers and family offices interested in alternative investments form the foundation of our client list, which includes: Private-equity funds, Real-estate funds, Funds of funds (“FOF”), Low-volume-trading hedge funds, Private Debt funds, Specialized funds (i.e. impact investments), Family-office portfolios, Limited and General Partners and Special Purpose Vehicles (“SPV”).


We enable fund managers to focus on the core task of managing their funds by providing single- or full-service administrative and legal support, including:

Stay fully focused on your core business - managing your fund – by trusting us with your administrative obligations.

Our professionals in Fund Administration provide personal services tailored to your specific needs, using the latest Fund-specific software that allows for individualized reports.
From SPVs, such as holding and carried interest companies, to complex global structures, we optimize efficiency and continuously provide managers and investors with the latest financial information, reports and data. By designating our team members to specific clients, we ensure our experts truly know our clients and their business environment.

 Our financial and accounting services include:

  • Statutory bookkeeping under relevant accounting standards (IFRS or local GAAP)
  • Periodic processing and reconciliation of cash balances and portfolio positions
  • Calculation of income and expenses accrual
  • Periodically monitoring investment limits to be in line with the latest prospectus
  • Provide financial ratios to assist clients in assessing risk
  • Calculation of asset and performance-based fees, including equalization and waterfall
  • Preparation of financial statements under relevant accounting standards (IFRS or local GAAP)
  • Audit support
  • Handling of relevant tax reporting
  • Filing of financial statements and tax returns with local authorities
  • Filing of periodic regulatory reporting
  • Payment processing
  • Payroll services
  • Personal access portal for managers to view real-time data on their holdings and NAV performance

Transfer-agency services tailored to your needs

Focus on your investment fund while Trustmoore ensures that your investors enjoy the attention and services they require and deserve. Our transfer-agency and investor-relations specialists are highly experienced in providing investors with relevant and requisite information and services.

Our transfer-agency services include:

  • Establishing and maintaining of investor register and records
  • Completing investor know your client (“KYC”) and anti-money-laundering (“AML”) processes in accordance with local regulatory requirements
  • Processing of subscriptions, redemptions and transfers
  • Processing of capital calls and distributions
  • Production and issuance of investor reports and notices (periodic)

Our investor relations services include:

  • First point of contact for investors
  • Handling of investor inquires
  • Feedback to fund manager
  • Personal investor access portal to view real-time data on outstanding KYC/AML and investor reporting and documentation

Please contact our experts should you require specific or tailored services.

Let our experts help launch your new fund

Launching a new fund requires expertise, planning and coordination between all parties. You can count on us to guide and support you through the various steps of this process from the outset. Our fund-industry experts provide you with the setup guidance and assistance you need. As a fund administration provider, Trustmoore is familiar with the legal and tax-service landscape of various jurisdictions. We can introduce you to essential parties or even provide a turn-key solution to reduce fund setup time.

Our set-up services include:

  • Introduction to specialized law firms for fund setup and required document preparation
  • Introduction to third-party AIFM, custodian and depositary partners
  • Introduction to tax advisors or auditors
  • Introductions to potential investors
  • Coordination of and guidance for your complete (global) fund setup
  • Review of all necessary documentation; such as:
    - Prospectus
    - Limited-partner agreements
    - Subscription and redemption documents
    - Transaction documents.
  • Coordinating the bank-account-opening process
  • Completion of AML/KYC onboarding processes
  • FATCA/CRS classifications and reporting

Untangle today’s regulatory reporting requirements with our full-support services.

Whether you are a fund manager or an advisor, we partner with you to provide timely, orderly and complete reporting for investors, funds and entities. Your dedicated fund services team will provide the full range of services to ensure the fund is compliant with local requirements. Our systems provide the tools and technology to efficiently monitor and perform various reporting services. From FATCA and CRS reporting to AIFMD and Tax reporting, your dedicated team monitors deadlines and completes or assists with the tasks at hand.

Our (regulatory) reporting services include:

  • FATCA and CRS reporting
  • AIFMD Annex IV reporting
  • Tax reporting
  • Local regulatory-reporting services

We facilitate your fund’s compliance with global financial-sector standards

Trustmoore offers fund-administration services in various jurisdictions. We are therefore subject to the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the requirements for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) requirements that apply in those jurisdictions.

In order to effectively discharge our obligations towards our clients, we operate a taxonomy-based control framework for managing compliance risks. A separate framework exists for each of the compliance-risk taxonomies, including AML and CTF. Our global principles are aligned with international guidelines and standards (FATF, CPI, international sanctions) and supplemented with procedures that incorporate local regulatory requirements in the countries in which we operate.

To reduce the risk of error and ensure adequate workflow, we use tool-based processes for client onboarding, screening and transaction monitoring. Sanctions and politically exposed person screenings are done automatically in the Worldcheck (ThomsonReuters) and NexisDiligence databases.

When appointed as fund administrator, Trustmoore performs the AML and know-your-client (KYC) obligations for investors subscribing under the ultimate responsibility of the fund’s board of directors or the management company. Our AML framework provides client and investor identification and assessment.

The specific due-diligence process is risk based and depends on the nature of a relationship (client/investor), its legal status (natural or legal entity), shareholding percentage and in the case of investors, the distribution channel.

How we can help you know your client

Verifying the identity, suitability and risks involved for any business affiliation, investor, investment and other third party involves a significant amount of work. KYC ensures financial-service providers conduct due diligence on their clients to prevent identity theft, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Trustmoore’s global Compliance department consists of highly trained professionals located in various jurisdictions. We provide our clients with global services to sector standards, including due diligence and KYC on a fund level and as well as reports on request.

Our compliance/KYC-related services include:

  • Client identification and verification
  • Registration and maintenance of client files and documentation
  • Counterparty screening and reporting services
  • Continuous screening of investors and related parties
  • KYC reporting

Providing a registered address or office space.

Corporate, individual and independent experienced executives available.

A platform solution for your entire global fund structure

Allow Trustmoore to assume your complete administrative and regulatory burden by providing local management, administrative, corporate secretarial and accounting services in the most key financial hubs worldwide. Our platform solution services your entire global fund structure, including any special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) and keeping them in good standing.



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High-quality fund services with your business success at heart.

Our global Fund Services team consists of experienced, qualified professionals who deliver premium services for your alternative-investment fund structures. We focus on servicing clients managing a wide range of alternative-asset classes such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, long/short equity and debt.

Independent and tailored solutions for your fund structure.

As a management-owned boutique firm, we act swift and independently. In a largely standardized industry, our specialized Fund Services team offers you a true alternative through our personalized boutique approach. Many of our experienced senior staff have worked for leading global fund administrators and can help you set up and run your fund structure in alignment with your needs and wishes.

Fund-administration and investor-relation services tailored to your needs.

Our specialized Fund Services teams provide a platform solution to service you entire global fund structure, including any SPVs. We assume your administrative and regulatory burden by providing local management, administrative, corporate-secretarial, accounting and (regulatory and FATCA/CRS) reporting services that allow you to focus on what matters: managing your portfolio.

A personalized and proactive approach to help you succeed.

We value strong and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and work as one global team to offer you continuous service, which is why we do not outsource to low-cost jurisdictions. Our global presence allows us to provide you with a single point of contact for all your worldwide funds and investments. Your relationship manager is always fully aware of the aspects of your fund structure, highlighting our firm belief in the benefits of teamwork, among ourselves and with you.

Bespoke solutions for private-investment vehicles and family offices.

With decades of experience successfully servicing the wealth-management structures of high-net-worth individuals and their families, our Fund Administration team offers tailored fund solutions and provides the personal attention you deserve.

We assume the regulatory and administrative burden of your entire corporate structure.

Servicing every entity in your global fund structure, including SPVs, with our platform solution. We offer a full suite of SPV services, including directorships, domiciliation, administration and corporate secretarial.

A global network that allows your business to grow.

Our extensive international network comprises professionals with whom we have built solid partnerships over time. Our Fund Services team can facilitate introductions to auditors, lawyers, family offices, potential investors and trusted advisors worldwide to benefit your business.


A platform solution for your entire global fund structure

Allow us to assume your complete administrative and regulatory burden by providing local management, administrative, corporate secretarial and accounting services in the most key financial hubs worldwide. Our platform solution services your entire global fund structure, including any special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) and keeping them in good standing.

Variable Capital Companies

A game-changer for Singapore’s fund management industry

The Variable Capital Company (VCC) is an enhanced form of the Singapore incorporated company, which is specifically tailored for the asset management industry and used for collective investment schemes (CIS).

The VCC Act was launched on 14 January 2020 with an initial pilot of 18 licensed fund managers.
It immediately enjoyed strong momentum, with more than 400 VCCs and 550 sub-funds registered in the first two years.

Singapore currently offers a variety of structures for investment funds including limited partnerships, unit trusts, business trusts, and real estate investment trusts. Corporations are also commonly used as investment subsidiaries for fund investments; more than 70% of alternative funds sold in Singapore are corporate form funds that are domiciled in foreign locations. However, there are limitations to each fund structure, including investor transparency issues, restrictions on dividend payout from capital, and lack of access to certain tax treaties that Singapore has in place. That is what makes the VCC an attractive and efficient investment fund structure option.

New SPAC opportunities in Singapore

SPACs have quickly gained popularity in the IPO market in recent years, appealing to a number of different types of investors. Singapore, in particular, looks set to become a new hub for SPAC IPOs, thanks to recent regulatory change and a local boom in tech start-ups.


This FAQ section explains how our fund services are structured and provides information about our services, systems and procedures.


High-end technology and systems to support your success.
Trustmoore continuously seeks out new solutions that deliver service quality you expect. Our fund-services experts are trained in various software to tailor our services to your specific needs, and work closely with our valued technology partners to ensure your success.


Proud to be part of your success!


Victor van Bommel, CEO and Founder Orange Capital Partners:
“Trustmoore has been a valuable business partner for our real estate fund operations for many years. With professionalism and dedication, the Trustmoore team continuously enables us to focus on our core business. With their knowledge and expertise, they prepare our monthly investor reporting, fund administration and financial statements with great care.”


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