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Our Sofia office is situated in the heart of the city.

One of the youngest EU member states, Bulgaria is in Southeast Europe, in the Balkans. Its strategic location on the intersection of Europe and Asia combined with a developed transportation infrastructure has helped the country forge close economic ties with both continents.

The Bulgarian economy has changed considerably over the past three decades, transforming from a highly centralized, planned economy to an open, market-based one. It thrives on many industries: energy, mining, metallurgy, machinery, agriculture, tourism, IT and ICT, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Over the past few years, Bulgaria has created a strong presence in the IT and technology sector, attracting leading companies and creating a solid community and start-up ecosystem. These developments have seen the country become a regional ICT center.

Companies in Bulgaria benefit from a highly qualified workforce, a 10% fixed corporate income tax rate and a broad network - the country has more than 70 double tax treaties (DTTs) in place with other countries.


Our Sofia office is situated in the heart of the city. Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has a rich history. Take a one-minute walk and you will find yourself in an open-air museum, in which the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle elegantly coexists with the historic remains of ancient civilizations.

Our office is in an old, renovated four-story building with a garden, lounge floor, and spacious rooms, all of which create a cozy, home-style working environment. Stepping out of the office, you will find many cafes, restaurants, and shops in the near vicinity, as well as the offices of almost all government agencies and major law firms.


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