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The UK is a leading destination for foreign direct investments, goods, services and consistently a top recipient globally of US investments. As an open, service-led economy, many companies choose to locate or expand their businesses in the UK because of its geographical position, the leading role of London as a global financial center and its world-renowned legal system and respected regulatory environment.

The pre-eminence of the UK (and particularly the City of London) in banking, insurance, investments and ancillary financial services - such as international clearing, derivatives and FX trading – has created a diverse ecosystem of talented specialists and professionals. This has promoted the UK’s international leadership in emerging industries such as financial technology (fintech), green finance and Islamic finance.

The UK is also an open, international financial center for legal, accounting and consultancy services supporting these established and new markets. The broad adoption internationally of English Law  and the UK legal system for dispute resolution has created a market for legal services second only to the US in size and of significance for serving ,e.g., the global maritime industry.

Hosting some 40% of European headquarters of global MNCs, London is a city that welcomes international companies seeking to expand their businesses and access local capital, products and partners. Recent reforms have improved the UK’s relative tax competitiveness as a holding-company jurisdiction.

Even though the UK exited the EU in January 2020, as an international trading and headquarter jurisdiction we anticipate the UK will continue to attract foreign direct investment in goods, services and maintain its export- leadership in services.


Trustmoore London is located in Mayfair, overlooking Oxford Street and conveniently located a few steps away from Bond Street Station.


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Central House
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Norwich NR7 0HR, UK

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