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We are based in the financial center of Zurich close to the train station ‘Bahnhof Enge’.

Switzerland is among the world’s leading, and most competitive, financial centers. It is home to a multitude of banks, asset managers and insurance companies as well as consulting firms, fintech and blockchain companies. Zurich and Geneva, the main financial hubs, both play a significant role on the international stage.

The country benefits from a stable political and legal framework, a strong currency, and a prime location in the heart of Europe. It sets global standards in tax management and the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, while also creating a legal and regulatory environment that enables its financial organizations to provide high-quality products and services, remaining at the forefront of innovation.


We are based in the financial center of Zurich close to the train station ‘Bahnhof Enge’ from which you can travel to Zurich Airport in 20 minutes.

The famous Bahnhofstrasse (one of the world’s most exclusive shopping areas) and its main square Paradeplatz, are only a 10-minute walk from the office. The latter has become synonymous with the wealth industry, as the site of both UBS and Credit Suisse’s headquarters.

Supervision and memberships

Our services in Switzerland are provided through Siemer & Partners, which is regulated as a full member of the VQF, the largest self-regulatory organization (SRO). It is certified by the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority in accordance with the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act.


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