Trustmoore Fund Services:
Expertise around the world

We are a trusted provider of investment fund and company structuring services worldwide. With offices in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Netherlands, and across the Americas - placing us firmly at the epicenter of multiple global financial hubs and fund jurisdictions - we offer a wide range of customized professional solutions in the financial sector. Our fund services team provides personalized services for private equity funds, venture capital, and other funds in all jurisdictions.

Luxembourg - a favorable fund jurisdiction

As the premier destination for investment funds in all of Europe, Luxembourg is a much desired domicile among European but also Asian and American investors. Investment managers and investors flock to this small country because its laws enable private equity funds to be personalized specifically to their needs. Luxembourg’s jurisdiction has created an environment where investor interest grows each day.

With our top tier fund administration, investor relations and SPV services in Luxembourg for a variety of regulated and non-regulated fund structures, such as the specialized investment fund (SIF), an investment company in risk capital (SICAR), and the reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF).

Due to its fast launch process, the RAIF structure has swiftly become one of the most preferred funds for setting up alternative investments.

United Kingdom - Growth opportunities for fund managers

The United Kingdom is the largest center of asset management in Europe and an essential hub for investment activity. Our fund services in the UK support UK fund managers who wish to establish funds in Luxemburg or set up a local structure in the UK. The introduction of the qualifying asset holding company (QAHC) has provided investors with an additional layer of tax advantages and a UK alternative for funds in other jurisdictions.

Singapore - Asian private equity hub with VCC possibilities

We are a critical hub for servicing Asian fund directors and investment organizations, and Singapore is the gateway to regional private equity and investment activities. We provide personalized fund administration, transfer agency and SPV services to Singapore based investment funds, emphasizing fund vehicles such as the Variable Capital Company (VCC), Limited Partnership, Unit Trusts and Private Limited fund structures.

Take, for instance, the VCC vehicle; it is used for a wide range of closed and open ended investment funds and offers enhanced operational flexibility and cost savings.

The Netherlands - A popular and solid fund climate

Establishing an investment fund in the Netherlands is popular due to its advanced, transparent, and adaptable legal and governance framework. Our local office offers fund administration and SPV services to alternative investment funds to create funds organized as limited partnerships, co-operatives, contractual funds for joint accounts (FGR), private limited liability companies - or any combination thereof.

The Americas - Servicing funds in North and South America

Our specialized team focuses on administering offshore funds from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Cayman Islands for US and Latin American fund managers. In particular, alternative investment funds are commonly set up using flexible structures like exempted companies or limited partnerships in the Cayman Islands.

Personalized financial service for funds

Our fund and financial services are built around the needs of fund managers worldwide. If you are a fund manager of a private equity fund or a private equity firm, we offer a range of fund and company structuring services. Within the financial services industry, we have a presence in key financial centers and deep knowledge of local laws and regulations.

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