Onboarding - the less frustrating way.

Fast onboarding fund managers

Are you a fund manager fed up with complicated client onboarding processes? Frustrated with lengthy client acceptance processes to become a client of a fund administrator?

We have the solution; on average, our fund manager onboarding only takes 3-4 weeks!

Fast onboarding program for fund managers

Clients and fund managers should not worry about a tedious and inefficient client onboarding process. We strive for maximum efficiency with an onboarding time of 3-4 weeks, compared to the standard 2-3 months. We require timely, accurate, and complete submission of all necessary KYC information to achieve this. This ensures a smooth and fast onboarding experience, allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

Streamlined and stress free for any fund manager

Our priority is to make the onboarding process for fund managers as efficient and stress-free as possible. We are dedicated to designing and implementing a seamless and beneficial experience for our clients. By utilizing a streamlined global approach, we have integrated inter-office compatibility and KYC exchange to dramatically reduce the time required for onboarding. We provide the necessary support for fund managers to launch quickly and smoothly, so they can focus on what truly matters: managing their funds. With our program, onboarding becomes a hassle-free experience with minimal obstacles.

Focus on fund management rather than on the onboarding process

When you choose Trustmoore fund services, rest assured that we will be devoted to ensuring an effortless onboarding process. We make this an excellent experience for you and go above and beyond to make it happen. Therefore, if you are searching for the most reliable fund services provider, look no further!

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