The ease of switching to Trustmoore’s Fund Administration Services

When considering outsourcing your fund administration to a third-party service provider or switching to another service provider business, we understand that a seamless transition is essential for a solid and lasting relationship. At Trustmoore, we have implemented streamlined and efficient processes for switching from your current setup to Trustmoore Fund Services. Our team is well-versed in managing such transitions for different fund structures and will work closely with you to navigate every step of the handover. From comprehensive and fast onboarding to data migration, we will guide you through all these stages with no reduction in service level and minimum disruptions to investors and fund managers.

Factors worth considering when selecting a Fund Administrator

The evolving role of a modern fund administrator means that as your partner, the fund administrator can act as an extension of your operations, helping to provide services such as investor onboarding and KYC, regulatory compliance and even ESG reporting tools. Therefore, it is imperative that fund managers perform an accurate assessment of the ability of a fund administrator to provide reliable services. Some of the key factors to consider when selecting fund administrators are:

  • Full range of service offering capabilities - funds and SPVs setup and administration
  • Expertise in your key asset classes & different fund structures
  • Ability to recommend best practices and provide guidance during fund formation process from a fund administrator’s perspective
  • Established controls and oversight - ISAE Type 2 accreditation
  • Whether a dedicated relationship manager is assigned to your firm
  • Clear direction and roadmap on technology solutions
  • Rigorous compliance, governance processes that conform to ESG best practices
  • Experienced staff and high retention rate
  • Firm structure – established and stable

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Switching to Trustmoore’s fund administration services can lead to savings on your fund expenses and enhanced operational efficiency for your fund. By outsourcing your fund administration services to us, you can eliminate significant investments in infrastructure, technology, and human resources. Our expertise ensures operational efficiency that will minimize errors and delays whilst optimizing performance for any kind of fund structure.

Transition Plan and Action Checklist

As a fund administrator Trustmoore employs a bespoke transition plan and action checklist to suit the unique requirements of the fund and the operational needs of the fund managers. This personalised approach empowers Trustmoore to effectively oversee the transition process, spanning from initial setup and parallel NAV processing to cut-off and ultimately ‘Go-Live’. Through the Transition Plan, we diligently monitor the progress made in achieving set targets, promptly allocating additional resources or modifying the plan as needed to address any potential issues. To ensure transparency and address any concerns, we provide regular status updates to the fund managers, promptly addressing any emerging concerns they may have.

1. Choosing Trustmoore Fund Services
Trustmoore Fund Administration Services offers efficiency, reliability, and professionalism through personalized discussions with our relationship managers.

2. Client Due Diligence
Trustmoore conducts a client risk assessment using industry leading screening databases to gather and verify information on our clients, allowing us to perform risk assessment and fulfil our legal and regulatory reporting requirements.

3. Transition Plan & Action Checklist
Trustmoore will draft a tailored action checklist with you, which will include schedule of services, transfer timelines, handover process, contact persons and documents to be received. An NDA may be signed at this stage to protect the confidentiality of shared data and communications.

4. Obtain signed Administration Agreement
Once the action checklist has been agreed upon, a final draft of the administration agreement will be provided for execution by both parties (client and Trustmoore).

5. Kick-Off Call
Trustmoore to organise a call with the client to walk through action checklist so that the project is executed within agreed timelines and milestones are met.

6. Process Optimisation

  1. Trustmoore will circulate the final transfer checklist & timeline so all parties are aware of the milestones and dates where these milestones have to be achieved
  2. Fund email address can be created
  3. Acquire online bank access
  4. Setup fund in best-in-class fund administration system

7. Go-Live
Trustmoore takes over operational processes on the official handover date and ensures ongoing fund operations are uninterrupted.

8. Obtain historical data from previous administrator
Trustmoore securely archives historical data, maintaining an audit trail for client audits.

9. Periodic Catch-Up Meetings
Trustmoore holds regular meetings with the client to provide updates, address any concerns or questions, and ensure ongoing communication and collaboration.


The ease of switching fund administrator

Peace-of-mind fund administration services

Experience the personalized, peace-of-mind service that is synonymous with our fund administration team. Acting as a true partner, Trustmoore adopts a hands-on approach and looks forward to scale together with your firm’s ambitions.

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