New investors drive demand for innovative securitization styles

Outvie Interview Huub Mourits

As the investor landscape evolves, so do the demands for more dynamic and customized forms of securitization. 

Outvie interviews @Huub Mourits’, Global Head of Structured Finance and Capital Market Services at Trustmoore

What Huub says:

  • Investors seek new styles of securitization to fit their needs and portfolios better. 
  • Traditional securitization structures may not be suitable for certain types of assets or investors. 
  • Technological advancements and increased data availability enable the creation of more innovative securitization models. 

About the interview:

  • Huub highlights the importance of tailoring securitization structures to meet investors' specific needs and preferences. 
  • He discusses the potential benefits of "labeled securitization" and "bespoke securitization," which allow for greater customization and transparency for investors. 
  • Huub also explains how technology can enhance securitization processes to increase efficiency and security in the transfer of asset ownership. 
  • He also talks about the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in securitization and how these factors can play a role in developing new securitization styles. 

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