Bespoke repackaging administration solutions

You want complete control over your repackaging programme administration so that you can focus on your business.

That is why, when looking for the best corporate services in the structured finance industry, you seek those who can handle both series management and transaction administration.

Whether you are an originator, an investment manager, or a structured finance professional, our solutions are made to fit your SPVs and structured finance and capital markets transactions for maximum flexibility while being cost effective. Stop searching and start focusing on your business while we handle your administration burden.

Eight benefits of Trustmoore's repack services for the structured finance transactions

When choosing a service provider for your programme management, you want to ensure you receive all the services you need. We provide the required structured finance solutions and more. Our combination of experience and knowledge sets us among the highest quality service providers. We offer you transparent, customized asset backed structures and solutions.

1. Big data processing and reporting capabilities

We have substantial expertise in massive dataset management and data processing that produces accurate modeling, accounting, and reporting for structured finance and capital markets products.

2. Strong relationships with institutional investors

When required, our senior structured finance team has an extensive list of personal connections at major (financial) institutions. We have active industry relationships globally that include (investment) banks, arrangers, asset managers, law firms, rating agencies, regulators, corporations, private equity firms, (hedge) funds, and family offices worldwide.

3. Strong reputation in the securitization and structured finance industry

Our senior experts have an average of over 15 to 20 years of securitization and structured finance and capital market expertise, including over EUR 150 billion of completed transactions. Our executive team has technical structured finance and capital market experience worldwide, with exposure in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

4. Sophisticated structuring and securitization capabilities

Our team's experience and connections allow us to build personalized solutions for our clients. We have a unique deal platform with the ability to collaborate. Our vast expertise aids us in assessing whether a client's objectives suit our investors' interests and vice versa.

5. Specific structured finance industry focus

We work with our many trustworthy connections in the structured finance and capital markets sector, giving us the flexibility to collaborate with large institutions when necessary. Suppose we identify a position that can be effectively catered to. In that case, we may enlist industry experts from among our clients to improve the overall group and build the best team possible. Examples of clients include reputable companies from different industries with particular market expertise in financial technology (fintech), ESG/SDG, specialty lending, synthetics, real estate, securitization and asset finance.

6. Nonconflicting role

Unlike larger institutions, we are entirely management owned and independent. Our interests align directly with yours, and our sole direction is reaching an agreement to your benefit.

7. Hands on approach

We provide a hands on approach, resulting in a smooth and easy process for our clients.

8. Flexible economics

Our fees are flexible as we render an a la carte menu of our 'buffet' solutions. In that way, if we can determine our various roles, we are open to discussing them. It is all about you, the client. We are also unique in that we consider startups and advise boutique managers from their early stages until they are ready for the most significant trades. We believe that transparency on fees is paramount to our relationships with clients and partners, and hence our fees are generally fixed to ensure there are no surprises.

Multi-issuance program platform

Make your repackagings ‘a walk in the park’ with our Vondelpark platform, which structures and manages your multi-issuance programme. Built in collaboration with reputable law firms, an account bank, and paying agent, it is a solution for originators, arrangers and investment managers. We set out to build a program that manages your customized asset backed securities. Combined with our innovative and bespoke administration solutions, it creates a complete platform solution to manage securitization and asset backed issuance.


  • Any asset backed issuance possible, including managed accounts, repackagings and CLNs;
  • Customized flexible structures and proposals for each deal in the preferred marketing style;
  • Multi jurisdictional: The Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Malta and Cyprus;
  • Flexible structure incorporating your preferred deal parties;
  • Cost effective (legal) fees; and
  • Fast SPV setup with mature programme documentation already in place.

Vondelpark program characteristics include:

  • Ring fencing: Specific compartments (or series of notes) can be issued which are entirely separated, and ring fenced from other issued series of notes in the programme;
  • Listing: Our Vondelpark programme can be listed on, for example, the Irish, Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Vienna stock exchange, regulated markets, and MTS;
  • Rating: Fully compliant (optional);
  • Involved individuals, for example, originator, investment manager, investment bank, investors, arranger, trustee, custodian, swap counter party, account bank, paying agent, calculation agent, registrar and dealer;
  • Timing: Days rather than weeks or months, saving you valuable time.
  • Costs: Varies from complexity grades and whether one chooses for shared multi issuer platform SPV or stand alone structure; and
  • Documentation: Offering several documents: master/principal documentation (master trust terms and master agency terms etc.), pricing supplement/final terms, management agreements, SWAP (ISDA) documentation etc.

Vondelpark program timings and milestones

  1. A structured and efficient solution is urgently required;
  2. Discuss with us and the involved international reputable law firm on possible solutions available;
  3. Series will be issued under a shared programme (multi-issuers or multi-dealers or as a ‘rent-a-series’ solution);
  4. Documentation to be drafted accruing the structured finance needs and investor requirements under the ‘Vondelpark programme’ documentation; and
  5. Note-Series-Issuances.

Our structured finance team

Our structured finance and capital markets team is dedicated, highly skilled and experienced. It includes fixed income, capital markets, corporate and tax law, legal, loan and accounting specialists.

Based in leading global financial centers, our experts understand your company’s needs, challenges, processes and priorities. We work efficiently and expediently, supported by our global network of over 250 employees. Reach out to us through our details below. We are available to help you when you need us to.


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