collateralized loan obligations (CLO) solutions

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Structured finance veterans and CLO market experts

As a unique boutique corporate service provider, we choose quality over quantity when it comes to providing management, financial and administrative services for collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Our structured finance and capital markets services team, which takes care of CLOs, is composed of industry veterans, market experts and talents.

Our team benefits from a broad network of contacts and years of expertise in handling this asset class. Whether Irish based CLOs or ones originating in other jurisdictions, our key-staff members are widely recognized in the CLO sector. They have been active in the market since the days of the first European CDO in 1999 and have worked on over 250 European CLOs, both as consultant, service providers and directors. Some senior members of the team were involved in the launch of the first synthetic EU CLO in 2002 and the first CLO 2.0 in 2013.

Given the team’s experience and expertise, many of its members are frequently asked to share their expertise at CLO and Structured Finance panels and conferences.
Our global team functions as a bridge between various market professionals, thanks to its relationships with CLO managers, law-firms, arrangers, rating agencies and trustees, as well as other advisors.

We specialize in facilitating structured finance and capital markets transactions around the world. Strong local expertise and professional networks complement our global reach.
We provide (security) trustee services, collateral agent and the management and administration of foundations and special purpose vehicles (SPVs), including dedicated financial and legal support.

Tailored CLO solutions

Due to our boutique-style approach and our out-of-the-box thinking, we can provide you with tailored solutions that fit your specific CLO transactions.
That means that we tune our services to your needs and requirements. Because we focus on quality we don’t implement processes that benefit us as a company – we only concentrate on finding the optimal solution for your situation.
An example of this is the creation of an SPV for a CLO arranger as part of a multi-issuance platform. Our CLO solutions in this case included management, accounting, domiciliation, tax-compliance and reporting. In another project, we delivered our tailored CLO services for a newly established ESG-compliant European CLO’s.

Do you have a robust back-up solution for your current corporate service provider?
Don’t forget to focus on mitigating third party risk and diversify between CSPs.
We have a proven track record to take care of your CLOs, not only in good times, but more importantly also when there are severe market disruptions. Such situations may, for example, impact the valuations of your loan portfolio, there may be loan extensions. In such cases, we are well positioned to assist you with the necessary restructuring and refinancing. Our experience and expertise further allow us to accommodate complex audit and, facilitate required regulatory reporting. All to ensure your CLO transaction remains in good compliance.

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