Arlyne Girigori

Compliance Officer

Arlyne Girigori joined our team in Curaçao as a Compliance Officer in April 2023.
She is responsible for all compliance related matters regarding our clients.
Therefore, she is involved in all relevant compliance aspects of creating and maintaining client relationships, including onboarding new clients, performing risk assessments, and conducting client file reviews.
Considering her relevant work experience, she is also a valuable helping hand in compliance related matters regarding our fund services.
In addition, she also undertakes corporate secretary duties for Trustmoore Curaçao and is involved in our global compliance projects.

She helps ensure that we, and our clients, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, supervisory requirements, and internal policies and procedures.

Arlyne obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration in Florida. She also passed her CAMS exam in 2021.

Before joining the Trustmoore Group, Arlyne started her compliance career at Citco Fund Services in Curaçao. She began as a KYC/AML specialist and later got promoted to a KYC/AML senior specialist.