Christelle Séchet

Senior Legal Account Manager

Christelle Séchet joined Trustmoore Luxembourg in January 2021 as a Legal Account Manager in the Structured Finance & Capital Markets team and was promoted to Senior Legal Account Manager in January 2023.
She is responsible for structured finance transactions’ legal and administrative requirements, including repackaging, CDOs, CLOs, programs, regulated and unregulated multi-compartment securitisation vehicles, and umbrella fund company management.

Christelle focuses on business development for Structured Finance & Capital Markets.
She develops excellent relationships with her clients, which are active in the structured finance and capital markets sector, ensuring that the company’s undertakings’ obligations towards the investors, the regulator, and the relevant stock exchange(s) are met within the appropriate deadlines and in compliance with the applicable laws, directives and regulations. An essential part of this is ensuring smooth communication and meeting client requests promptly.

In 2010, Christelle obtained her diploma in administration (BTS) from Lycée Aristide Briand in France. Ten years later, she received a bachelor’s degree in corporate law and administration from the Université de Rennes, also in France.

Christelle‘s early work experience includes nearly six years as an administrative assistant at Citco, the financial services group in Luxembourg. She later moved to the corporate services firm Sanne Group in Luxembourg to become a senior administrator, focusing on securitization vehicles and managing administrative, legal and due diligence matters for clients.

Before joining Trustmoore, she was a senior funds administrator in the private equity sector for Aztec in Luxembourg, where she focused on administrative and legal matters for clients and investors. In this role, she managed a client portfolio for over two years.

Christelle looks forward to hearing from you.