Jessica Fleri Soler

Compliance Administrator

Jessica Fleri Soler joined Trustmoore’s Malta office in February 2021 as a compliance administrator. She is responsible for supporting the Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Compliance Officer on all compliance and regulatory matters.

Jessica focuses on ensuring the effectiveness of compliance processes and procedures in Malta. She also assists with all compliance needs throughout the client life cycle, including acceptance, due diligence, risk reviews and transaction monitoring.

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in banking, finance and management from the University of Malta. She also holds a diploma in ‘compliance in financial services’ issued by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).

Jessica graduated from the University of Malta in 2018 and started her career as an Operations Officer in the banking industry. During this time, she discovered her interest in compliance and, in 2019, moved into the pensions industry. She spent just over two years as a compliance associate at Momentum Pensions before joining Trustmoore to pursue her growing interest in the corporate services sector.

Jessica looks forward to hearing from you.