Jinny Chiong

Junior Financial Accounting Manager

Jinny Chiong joined our team in Amsterdam as a Junior Financial Accounting Manager in April 2024, becoming a valuable member of our Corporate Expansion Services (CES) team.
Her role involves optimizing financial processes to support clients’ corporate expansion objectives, ensuring compliance, and efficiently managing financial operations.

Jinny is dedicated to enhancing financial frameworks to facilitate our clients’ business growth, all while ensuring strict adherence to local and international financial regulations. Additionally, she fosters close collaboration with multiple departments to ensure financial strategies align with broader corporate objectives.

She obtained her master’s degree in finance from University College Dublin in 2023 after completing a bachelor of business and commerce from Monash University in 2017.

Jinny commenced her finance career in 2017, initially providing accounting support to diverse clients. Between 2018 and 2020, she assumed responsibility for financial reporting within the logistics sector, where she notably improved financial processes. Most recently, from 2020 to 2024, she progressed to a senior position, overseeing accounting operations and playing a pivotal role in strategic financial planning within the precious metals sector.

With extensive international experience, including six years in Singapore’s finance sector and a recent master’s in finance, Jinny is well equipped to navigate the complexities of global financial operations.