Lisa Romer

Senior Compliance Manager


Lisa Romer joined Trustmoore in Curaçao in June 2021 as Senior Compliance Manager. She is responsible for the identification and management of all compliance risks associated with our activities in Curaçao. This includes monitoring changes in the regulatory environment, facilitating periodic risk assessments and developing and updating policies and procedures.

She is also responsible for monitoring adherence to these policies and procedures and reporting this to management as well as providing compliance training and advice to all employees.

With her strong legal background, Lisa also advises on any more complex legal matters.

Lisa focuses on continuously enhancing the compliance framework for the Curaçao business, ensuring that all policies and procedures remain in line with the regulatory standards and that they are correctly adhered to.

Lisa obtained both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Lisa started her career as a corporate attorney at law at one of the largest law firms in Curaçao where she focused on corporate law, banking and finance, and regulatory matters. In this role, she acted for both local and international clients, such as financial institutions, insurance companies and trust service providers.

Lisa looks forward to hearing from you.