Rosa Hanst

Senior Legal Account Manager

Rosa M. Hanst-Fernandes Correia joined our team in Curaçao in June 2022 as a Senior Legal Account Manager.
She is responsible for her client portfolio and keeps up to date with all legal and fiscal developments that may affect those clients. Her responsibilities also include assisting, training and motivating all legal account managers on the team.

Rosa manages her portfolio and proactively supports all her clients’ daily corporate needs.

Rosa is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with a bachelor’s degrees in accounting,  human resources management, financial, Curaçao corporate law and general and tactical management.

Rosa has over 33 years of experience in trust and corporate services. Having started her career in the internal controller department at MeesPierson, then progressed to Hunter Douglas (Curaçao) as Assistant Controller Global and Proxyholder, Senior Account Manager and Proxyholder at HB Management N.V., Director at Capital Trust Corporation N.V., Senior Account Manager and Proxyholder at Curaçao Trust Management N.V.,
Her last role before joining Trustmoore was at Amicorp as Senior Account Manager and Proxyholder.