Steven Melkman

Founder & Global Head of Corporate Expansion Services

Steven Melkman co-founded the Trustmoore Group in 2005, alongside George Bergmann and Roland Beunis. He is a board member and is also the Global Head of Corporate Expansion Services.

As a co-founder, Steven has played a key role in the development of the Trustmoore Group over the past 15 years.

Together with his fellow board members, Steven is responsible for defining the Trustmoore Group’s strategic direction. He oversees all aspects of Trustmoore’s operational divisions and takes responsibility for people development.

In his role as Global Head of Corporate Expansion Services, he specializes in international tax activities and the establishment of corporate structures for trading, holding, licensing, and financing purposes.

Steven earned a degree in tax law from Tilburg University in 1997. He also has a bachelor’s degree in fiscal economics from the Hogeschool voor Economische Studies in Amsterdam.

Steven draws on his extensive experience in international tax law, having held directorships at a diverse range of companies, from privately-owned vehicles to large, cross-border quoted companies.

He began his professional career with KPMG in the Netherlands in 1993 and subsequently joined the Dutch tax inspector’s office. Five years later, he joined the international law and tax firm Loyens & Volkmaars (now Loyens & Loeff).

Before founding Trustmoore, he was a senior account manager in the trust department of Netherlands-based private bank MeesPierson (now Intertrust).


Steven looks forward to hearing from you.