Vincent van Pampus

Managing Director Luxembourg

Vincent van Pampus joined the Trustmoore Group in 2014. He is Managing Director of the Luxembourg office and Director of the Structured Finance & Capital Markets team. As part of his role in the Luxembourg office, Vincent also oversees the People & Culture and Finance & Control departments.

He is a member of the Trustmoore Luxembourg management board.

Vincent focuses on structured finance. He also has a wealth of experience managing international structures for wealthy individuals and families, as well as corporate structures for large companies.

He has a degree in accountancy from the Nyenrode Business University, a private university in Breukelen, the Netherlands. He has also studied international taxation.

Vincent has a financial background. He began his career at KPMG in 2007, focusing on financial markets, corporate clients, and public interest entities.

In 2014, he joined the Trustmoore Group as a finance manager in the Luxembourg office. After a successful three years there, he took the opportunity to become Managing Director of Trustmoore’s Gibraltar office. By the end of 2019, he had established the operations in Gibraltar and returned to our Luxembourg office to take up his current role.

Vincent looks forward to hearing from you.