Business growth strategy

Are you looking into expanding your company into new markets?

Each jurisdiction has their own specific benefits that can aid a company with their business growth where they expand into, or operate in, that jurisdiction. Whether the growth strategy benefits from favorable legislation, a useful geographical location, a highly educated English-speaking workforce or other factors. Your new company can profit from these local advantages if they know their way around the specific local requirements, rules and legislation.

Maximize your business growth

We have offices in the most interesting jurisdictions and we offer services on a local level that help you navigate the market and legislation so you can benefit from the existing possibilities. Our solutions range from financial administrative support, legal support, company formation to office sourcing, staff sourcing and HR solutions. To summarize; we can help you maximize advantages with your corporate expansion and business growth.

When comparing different jurisdictions, there are several advantages that can benefit your  growth strategy into a local market. Let´s have a look at a selection of favorable situations that stand out in various jurisdictions, most of these jurisdictions will often have even more expansion benefits, however here the main ones;

Grow your business in The Netherlands

The Dutch economy is known for its solid industrial relations, moderate unemployment and low inflation, along with the key role it plays as a European transportation hub. The country has a highly educated, mostly multilingual workforce and a well-developed services industry that includes consultants, lawyers, tax advisors, accountants and a number of internationally renowned banks. As a result, this jurisdiction is a European leader in attracting foreign investment.

That is why we host many successful internationally operating companies in the Dutch market. From larger established and listed corporations to a wide range of start-ups with focused growth strategies. The Dutch climate for commercial business makes it an interesting country to grow your new business and increase your market share. Our expansion services will help with your company formation and get you established in a swift and easy manner.

Contact our local expert Astrid van Groeningen-Emons about your new entity in The Netherlands

Astrid van Groeningen

Luxembourg: a great choice for firms with investment activities

Luxembourg is a very accommodating jurisdiction for firms with investment activities. Stability and innovative, international orientation make Luxembourg the ideal hub for institutional and private investors around the world. Luxembourg is also the world’s second-largest fund center.

Apart from many back offices for established private equity and other investment firms, the local legislation provides space for business growth with the possibility to register and manage dedicated Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) instead of having to set up actual operating companies. Our wide range of SPV services will help your growth strategy expand into Luxembourg in and hit the ground running.

Contact Vincent van Pampus about your company in Luxembourg

Vincent van Pampus

Ireland has a highly skilled native English-speaking workforce

Ireland offers a transparent taxation regime, a common-law jurisdiction and a highly educated, multilingual workforce. It is in the worldwide top 10 of educational systems. That means that the native English-speaking workforce in this country is highly skilled. This is acknowledged by the many IT companies who have expanded their international offices to Ireland and, especially the Dublin area. It is a leading jurisdiction for fund administrationsecuritization transactionsaircraft leasing, capital markets transactions, and holding companies.

Our corporate expansion services make it easier to expand to Ireland with company formation services as well as HR support services and help you source and recruit local staff so your new office can have a flying start. We also provide dedicated company secretarial and corporate governance solutions. Whatever your growth strategy is, we make sure  you can focus solely on your operations.

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Holding companies enjoy the favorable regime in London, United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the uncertainties surrounding the impacts of Brexit have started to disappear, reinforcing the status of the UK as a decision-making center and reflected in the ever-growing attraction of London as a global hub. Hosting some 40% of European headquarters of global MNCs, London is a city that welcomes international companies seeking business growth and access to local capital, products and partners. Recent reforms have improved the UK’s relative tax competitiveness as a holding-company jurisdiction.

Local regulations offer a highly favorable regime for holding companies and a number of double tax treaties in place with both developed and emerging markets. The UK is also actively encouraging the development of green vehicles, supported by government incentives to help with funding and development.

Contact Hugo Charpenel about your company in the UK

Hugo Charpenel

Expand your international hotel business to Curaçao

Curaçao’s wide variety of corporate entities includes limited-liability companies, trusts and foundations. These offer great flexibility and security for wealth, trading companies, and estate planning for both private and corporate clients. The island also has its own securities exchange, offering the possibility of flexible and low-threshold company listings. Recent changes in Curaçao’s tax legislation, adapted to and recognized by OECD standards, have made it even more attractive for international business activities.

Curaçao is a small island and has a booming hotel industry with all the necessary knowledge and expertise that comes with it. The local civil-law system and languages spoken make it the ideal jurisdiction to grow your business by establishing a new structure in the hospitality sector. With our corporate and financial services, we can cater to all your needs when you grow your international hotel business.

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Jared Vivas

Corporate expansions benefit of Malta’s geographical location

Malta is driven by a strong mindset for development and has been successful in attracting investment fundssecuritization vehiclesaircraft and ship registration, credit-card issuing, banking licenses and gaming businesses.
Service providers to these industries, including corporate service providers, fiduciary and trustee businesses, are at the core of the island’s growth strategy. Malta’s stable legal and tax system is beneficial for asset managers, investors, international businesses, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals looking for a safe and attractive business environment.

This jurisdiction is the ultimate entry point into Europe for regional investors. The island’s geographical advantage together with the vast double taxation treaties with other jurisdictions and stable economy, make this island an attractive place for business growth and set up a local branch. We provide services that can help with both establishing a local office as well as assisting employees with their relocation. As a cost-efficient jurisdiction with developed infrastructure Malta remains attractive for small and medium size businesses.

Contact Stefanie Knoester about your new company in Malta

Stefanie Knoester Trustmoore

Global business expansion to Singapore

Thanks to its highly educated, multilingual and flexible workforce, Singapore is a leading destination for setting up a business. The city-state is renowned for its political and economic stability, with the government actively having created one of the world’s most open economies. Singapore’s pro-business attitude is further enhanced by a robust and transparent legal system.

The Singapore port is one of the biggest in the world and attracts many companies to set up a local office to be close to this Asian center of commercial activity. Our Singapore team can help you with your growth strategy by establising a new office, help you with setting up SPVs for your ship or fleet of vessels and at the same time handle all the fiscal administration, governance and compliance.

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Desley Tan

Business growth in the freest economy of the world; Hong Kong

As one of the premier international financial centers, Hong Kong acts as a preferred conduit for foreign direct investments into China. The jurisdiction has developed a high standard of financial solutions and compliance, with highly trained professionals. As a result, Hong Kong financial specialists are experts in managing risk with respect to global investments.

Hong Kong's economic freedom is internationally renowned. The Heritage Foundation ranked it as the world’s most free economy for more than two decades. This is primarily due to its trade freedoms which allow inward and outward investments with no limits, easy international currency exchange across borders and low taxes, minimal tariffs and monetary freedoms that promote entrepreneurship. Our local office can help you with all of these matters when your growth strategy targets expansion to Hong Kong.

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Qiubo Zheng

Our own organic international corporate expansion experience

We have a strong presence in all these jurisdictions and have assisted our clients in expanding their international  corporate structures for since 2005.

Organic and strategic growth involves expansion from within a business, for example by expanding the products or services range, or number of business units and location. Our organic growth has seen us build our current presence in most of the financial centers around the world and establish our four lines of business:

  • Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services
  • Fund Services
  • Multi-Family Office Services
  • Corporate Expansion Services

Our clients also benefit from our global network of strategic alliances and partners, which we have built over the years.

We believe in a flat and lean organization in which management remains actively involved in servicing you in the best possible manner. The exclusive size and interiors of our offices reflect our commitment to remaining a boutique firm, with a strong focus on personal attention and quality services delivered by a small and stable team.

We aim to create a pleasant environment for our employees and our clients, selecting distinctive offices with beautiful surroundings in the locations in which we operate. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our offices so that you can experience our unique culture firsthand.

Our corporate expansion story

Trustmoore was founded in January 2005 in Curaçao, and we are proud that our three founders are still fully engaged within our organization. From the outset, we have enjoyed significant independent internal growth while full ownership remains by our founders and management.

With our growth strategy we opened our Amsterdam office in 2009, followed by an office in Luxembourg in 2012. To increase our global reach, we subsequently opened various offices and are providing services in Asia and Europe.

Advantages of our internal business growth

We can maintain our own management style, company culture and values. We expand in our areas of expertise and finance our expansions using profits so there is less risk. It makes it easier to manage our internal growth strategy and determine how much the business will grow.

Our organic growth allows us to own our company culture and ultimately our destiny. It means we are in complete control of our business, and we can get to know all of our clients personally; handshake by handshake.

How can Trustmoore help you?

If you are interested in incorporating a new company in any of these new markets, then don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help you with market penetration and get your new business up and running in a swift and optimized way.

When we started, we made some mistakes ourselves however we have learned from them. Benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Six reasons why you should contact us:

1. Our founders’ vision and philosophy are strongly embedded in our client service.
2. Our global presence
3. We are completely independent, unbiased and unaffiliated to any product or firm.
4. We provide tailored services and solutions
5. We think and act from a “client first” perspective
6. We invest in long-term relationships

Don’t let international expansion become a burden, we will assist you with our peace of mind corporate expansion services.