Whether you are a start-up or an established business expanding into a new country, setting up a new international office can be a challenging, complex and time-consuming process. There are likely to be many unknowns in the jurisdiction of your new office. From understanding local regulations and ensuring compliance with corporate structure requirements to managing the cultural differences between existing and new locations, Trustmoore can help you overcome any obstacles to successful international growth.

By sharing local business insights and offering tailored administrative, legal and governance expertise, we can ensure that your expansion into any new market is efficient and error-free. We do that through a suite of corporate expansion services that allow you to select the right level of support for every stage of your new office setup.

There is nothing more frustrating than time lost on tedious tasks and obligatory administrative paperwork when you are opening a new office. You want to hit the ground running and launch a successful business from your new location as soon as possible. That is where our corporate expansion services will prove invaluable.

Using whatever you need from our complete range of services, opening new offices will become straightforward. Whether it’s practical support in managing the physical aspects of your new office or guidance on structuring the paperwork side of things, we have specialists who can help.

Here are six key areas where you could benefit from support in your next international expansion:


Physical support services might include arranging the new office lease in your chosen jurisdiction, finding the right location for your business, or making sure all the furniture is in place on the first day you walk into the new building.


Securing the right team of people in your new market is likely to be high on the agenda. If you are looking to hire local staff, our HR support services can help you with residence and work permits, as well as any other requirements relating to your new team.


There are many intangibles of expanding internationally. An ever-growing number of financial regulations and nuances between jurisdictions may make it difficult to keep track of local compliance requirements for your new market, for example. We can help you hone in on the regulatory details that are essential for your expansion.

Local sector knowledge

Knowing what is important for your sector in a local market is key to get your operation up and running. Our senior staff members and directors have in-depth local knowledge of their jurisdictions and can point out essential sector knowledge.

Legal entity formation

It’s not always easy to determine the best local legal entity to choose when you expand to a new jurisdiction. One of our core corporate expansion services offers support and guidance on establishing the optimal legal structure for your specific business within the context of your new market.

The finer details

You’ve considered the big challenges that arise in your international expansion process but what about the smaller details? Our administrative, legal and fiscal experts can help you tie up any loose ends that could otherwise affect the success of your growth plans.

Here, we have highlighted only six of the key areas in which we can support your international expansion plans. We have designed a whole suite of services to help businesses like yours gain traction in new locations and realize their international growth ambitions without facing the associated administrative, legal and tax struggles. We focus on the local legwork while you focus on your business. That’s why we call these ‘peace of mind’ expansion services.

To discuss how we can help you make your success possible, please contact: